"I was a NYC fire fighter for 15 years. I retired early due to lung problems. I also have hemochromatosis (blood disorder, high level or iron in the blood). My goal at the beginning was to reduce my medications. I have been very surprised by the terrific results. I have been on a homeopathic remedy for 6 months and have seen great improvements. I haven’t used my asthma inhaler (albuterol) for over 2 months. My iron levels have become very low, I have more energy and my life improved in many aspects. I would like to thank Eric for all his help and concerns."
—J. McAndrew, New York, NY

"For over twenty years I have struggled with cystic adult acne, depression and weight gain. During this time, I explored multiple ways to find relief, for example: nutrition, exercise, massage, metaphysics, traditional medicine and acupuncture. With each attempt, I was able to suppress the symptoms of my suffering, but inevitably the deeper pattern within my life, mind and body would re-emerge. Despite my skepticism, Eric's homeopathic approach was the first to yield results of true, tangible, physical transformation. In addition, Eric's working style is professional, thorough, methodical, detailed, humble and compassionate; I was accepted for exactly who and where I was and felt a strong sense of safety and empathy which are essential for true healing. Thank you, Eric."
—Ira Macner, New York, NY

"Eric’s holistic consultancy skills and techniques help me maintain balance in my life. Sessions with him keep me healthy and happy - they are a good example of proactive and preventative care."
—Albert, Brooklyn, NY

The whole experience of homeopathy with Holistic Life Works was life changing. I never thought it would work on me, but I opened my mind to the possibility and am now living a fuller life because of it.
— Stella, Park Slope


"As a massage addict, I have had the good fortune to experience many massage therapists' hands. Eric exceeds them all not just in his technique but in his astute awareness of the specific areas that need attention and the direction and degree of pressure that is required but also in his plan of execution. You can feel his knowing energy as he unfolds the delivery of his service. As a demanding and critical subject, I can't applaud Eric enough. I am blessed to have met him as a massage therapist."
—Esther D.D.S.

"I tore my hamstrings and needed surgery. One week after the surgery, since it was to early for me to start any physiotherapy, I saw Eric twice a week to begin massage therapy. He helped me and my injury in such a manner that all I was looking forward was for him to come. He understands the body and his gentle approach and professionalism made me feel better and heal sooner. To this day I am looking forward to his massages, because not only they are soothing, but also he works with me in lieu of the physical therapist. Thank you for your help!"
—Edwin Peissis, New York, NY

"Your touch and energy is truly unique, special and amazing."
Amy, New York, NY

"I have been a faithful massage client of Eric Pettigrew for several years. As a middle-aged woman with chronic spinal problems I rely on Eric's experienced, attentive and confident touch to release me from nagging pain, identify and ease tension in problem areas, and offer a much-needed opportunity to relax in a safe and nurturing place. Eric is a true professional who treats his clients with unwavering compassion and respect."
—M. F., New York, NY

"When I want to treat myself to something special, Eric's massage is certainly high on that list. Those hands are very knowledgeable."
—H. Bloomberg, East Hampton, NY

"You are the best masseur I have ever had. Your grace and ease and caring, but firm, touch are a taste of heaven. I always leave your table with a new body, floating on air."
Lisa, East Hampton, NY


"Your spirit is always so upbeat and terrific. You have a real ability to focus on the here and now and you have a sense of gratitude for the good things and people that fill our lives. I enjoy your outlook and perspective and of course taking your Yoga class."
—Elizabeth, Brooklyn, NY

"I once took a Yoga class with you when I was in a very difficult place in my life and you were wonderful and it helped me to get through."
—Claire, Brooklyn, NY

"I have known Eric for several years and have been lucky enough to have had regular massages and Yoga classes with him. For someone very new to Yoga and in her 50’s, Eric was a great teacher and provided a safe place to learn. Each class was challenging, focused and spiritual. I was amazed how quickly my body responded to his teaching and guidance."
—Iris Zmorah, New York, NY

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